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Metlon Corporation manufactures and stocks a wide variety of supported and non-supported metallic yarns. Starting in 1947, Metlon is one of only two manufacturers still producing metallic yarn in the United States.


metallized polyester film yarn
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50NL - half mil non-laminated, metallized polyester film with protective lacquer on both sides. The lacquer is clear for silver and colored for gold and colors. Stocked in gold, silver and colors, supported and non-supported. Typical end uses:

  • sweaters
  • hosiery
  • broad goods
  • labels

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polyester film laquer metallic yarn
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150VS - 1½ mil polyester film with protective lacquer on both sides. The lacquer is clear for silver and colored for gold. Stocked in gold and silver. Special colors to order. Non-supported only. Typical end uses:

  • braids
  • trimmings

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The Metallic Yarn Manufacturing Process

Metallic yarns start as rolls of films or laminations 30" or wider. These wide rolls are slit into narrow rolls 2" to 5" wide. These narrow rolls are gang slit across their entire width to micro widths from 1/128" (.0078") and wider and then taken up on plastic spools for shipment to textile mills.

There is a rainbow of colors available from red, blue, green, etc. to gold and silver. Brilliant, reflective colors which add decorative patterns to fabrics.

Supported yarns are made by wrapping single slit yarns with two ends of nylon. One end of nylon is wrapped clockwise and the other end is wrapped counterclockwise around the metallic yarn. Each nylon yarn has from 5 to 7 wraps to the inch. The most commonly used nylon is either 15 denier or 20 denier, but heavier deniers are used for special purposes. Supported yarns are put up on cones.

Metallic Yarn Uses

Metallic yarns are woven, braided, and knit into many fashionable fabrics and trims. For additional variety, metallic are twisted with other fibers such as wool, nylon, cotton and synthetic blends to produce yarns which add novelty effects to the end cloth or trim. They make all textiles more attractive by adding sparkle.

At one time or another, metallic yarns have been used in just about every form of textiles. Some end uses have been in automotive fabrics, television front fabrics, bath towels and face cloths, clerical vestments, bathing suits, hosiery, upholstery, hat bands, etc. Also in theatrical clothing, theater back drops, doll clothing, banners and uniforms.

Care of Fabrics With Metallic Yarns

Professional dry cleaning with perchlorethylene is preferred to laundering. Hand laundering with Woolite and cold water is the only suggested laundering method. Never with bleach.

Fabrics containing metallic yarns should be treated like all synthetic fabrics. Ironing should be at the lowest setting on the iron. If there is no thermostat on the iron, do not use that iron. Do not use steam when ironing metallic yarns.


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